Indosat’s Head of M2M identifies KEY opportunities in Indonesia

One element that sets the Asia IoT Business Platform apart from other IoT conferences is that it brings together the leading telcos of a country for one main purpose: to elevate and improve the IoT ecosystem for the benefit of different stakeholders, be it businesses, investors, government, or the common consumers. The telcos work together with different tech profiles and solution providers ranging from local startups to internationally established corporations to educate local enterprises on the benefits of the IoT and M2M technology and how it can contribute to their businesses, the economy, and improve the lives of people in the country.

The 5th edition of the Asia IoT Business Platform 2015 which will be held in Jakarta from 25 to 26 August is bringing together the three leading telcos in Indonesia: Telkomsel, XL Axiata, and Indosat. We have the opportunity to speak to Mr. Hendra Sumiarsa, Head of M2M at Indosat to give insights on what Indonesia has to offer and the opportunities it can provide for regional and international businesses that are looking to expand in one of the world’s most populated country.

  1. What is the current market potential for M2M/IoT in Indonesia?

Indonesia, world’s 4th most populated country in the world is a developing nation with high acceleration in mobile communication growth. The potential for M2M market in Indonesia is tremendous, with growth rates of 40%-50% per annum, and am increased adoption of technology from different enterprises and governments.

  1. Which industries in Indonesia possess the most business opportunity for M2M/IoT?

The most developed M2M vertical markets in Indonesia are financial services, transportation, smart energy, security and surveillance. New business opportunities are growing in industrial telemetry for oil & gas, enterprise mobility applications, logistics, automation and control, digital signage, consumer electronics, and plantations. Smart City program by the Indonesian government will fuel growth and accelerate development of smart environment, waste management, Smart Cities solutions. In the near future, we expect developments in connected wearables and eHealth services.

  1. What role is the government playing to push M2M/IoT development and what more can be done?

Governments have an important role to accelerate adoption of new technologies such as  M2M and IoT

– Increase awareness of technology adoption ( Ex: Singapore building “ Smart nation” )

– Regulation in different sectors. Ex:

o Indonesia -> branchless banking – to increase the reach of banking services to unbanked population

o European Union -> e-call regulation – increase safety on the road by equipping every vehicle

o UK -> real time billing for energy

 – Government initiatives such as Smart Cities. For example, Indonesian government launched the Smart City vision Indonesia 2015 -2045. ICT is at the heart of this vision by enabling the 3 stages of the cities of the future : Decent Cities: comfortable, liveable and safe; Greener Cities resilient to climate change and disasters, and Smarter Cities that are competitive and technology based.

  1. What is Indosat’s vision for M2M/IoT in Indonesia?

Indosat’s vision for M2M/IoT: “We deliver M2M products and services that are relevant and beneficial to accelerate the triple bottom line development of Indonesia: social, economic and environmental”. Indosat enables businesses, governments, and people with technology to achieve greater business efficiency, reduce costs, develop new services and improve people’s lives. Our strategy is focused on 3 main pillars: connectivity, managed connectivity and end to end solutions.

  1. What kind of partners is Indosat looking for its M2M/IoT plans?

We are partnering with industry players such as technology providers, telecom operators, as well as business partners to deliver top notch services to our customers. Successful M2M products require tight cooperation, hence Indosat is working with device makers, platform providers, application developers, solution providers, integrators to jointly develop products and services for transport, smart energy, banking, Smart Cities, smart environment.

With the Indonesian government lending its support through Jakarta’s Smart City program and its major effort in developing the country’s soft infrastructure to support a burgeoning ICT industry, the opportunities in Indonesia for IoT are staggering.

Indosat is a Bronze Sponsor at the 5th edition of the Asia IoT Business Platform in Jakarta. Join us at Fairmont Jakarta from 25-26 August 2015 and you will get the chance to learn more about the value of IoT and M2M technology and to network with some of the biggest tech profiles in the world including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, and many others.


Jul 22, 2015

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