Intel Corporation to Help Thailand’s ‘Digital Economy’ Plan

Intel Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California

After seeing success in India, Intel Corporation hopes to aid in Thailand’s ‘digital economy’ plan. The company will use its knowledge and technologies to improve digital literacy.

Intel recently provided India with similar training. The company trained millions of people through their ICT courses as part of the government’s National Digital Literacy Mission. Intel’s public policy director Worapat Patram said the company could provide the people of Thailand with similar digital literacy training.

The company has introduced two training courses: E-Basics and Easy Step, Both will help SMEs and Thais gain the digital literacy needed for the Thai government’s economic policy. The Easy Step program will help teach students basic computer skills to help improve both their professional and personal skills. Worat noted that the skills students will learn will help Thailand move forward into the digital economy.

Gordon Graylish, Intel’s vice president, stated that the “Digital Divide” is a major problem in Thailand. Graylish stated that the Thai government should provide its people in remote areas with internet access. He went on to state that the country’s digital economy plan could act as a Third Industrial Revolution, and that businesses need to make the step towards digitization through SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud).

Thailand’s digital economy plan has proposed the implementation of a National Digital Economy Committee, infrastructure development and technology transfers. The Thai government has already taken steps to put its plan in action. Just recently, the government stated that it would push its national broadband project forward. All homes in Thailand will have internet access by 2017.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha took another step forward recently with the announcement of a “Super Board” to improve education management and facilitate reform. The new board is yet another indication that Thailand is taking education and its digital economy plan seriously.


May 15, 2015

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