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PUSAT Internet or Internet Centre is an initiative under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to provide Internet facilities to underserved areas as well as to inculcate computer-based skills and know-how that have become an indispensable attribute for everyone in this day and age. Currently, there are currently 870 Internet centres all over the country.

The response from local communities to the facilities and programmes provided at the Internet Centres have been very encouraging, with membership exceeding 590,000 people, 57% of whom are students.

Many other initiatives that focus on entrepreneurship have also been carried out by  MCMC, including to promote local products to a larger market.

Through the Internet, local entrepreneurs have been able to run their businesses online, thereby increasing their income and at the same time, growing demand for their products. On average, the entrepreneurs have enjoyed more than 60% increase in income, and to date, 16,393 entrepreneurs have participated in various online entrepreneur development programmes that were held in the centres across the country.

The Internet Centre also acts as an ICT training centre for the youths and senior citizens to empower them with basic computer skills, as well as exposing them to expansive information.

Other services such as egovernment apps are also provided to enable rural communities to access government services online.

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14 March 2019

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