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IoT in Focus: Taiwan Excellence Showcases Select IoT Solutions at 30th Asia IoT Business Platform (Manila Bulletin)

For many years, Taiwan’s ICT industry has been known for its commanding presence in the hardware electronics manufacturing scene which traces its roots back to the 1980s. Driven by a multitude of technology-based companies, top-billed by some of the most world-renowned brands, Taiwan’s hardware electronics industry has been pivotal in shaping the history of technological evolution, spanning from the earliest days of modern PC to the current smartphone era.

With the inescapable rise of today’s innovations related to Internet of Things (IoT), along with artificial intelligence (AI) and the oncoming 5G connectivity standard, Taiwan is keen on keeping itself at the forefront of technological advancement.

IoT is a computing concept wherein Internet connectivity extends to everyday physical objects. Embedded with electronics and other forms of hardware such as sensors, these objects can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

While IoT is becoming a familiar term among consumers through smart home systems, IoT is already employed in many use case scenarios in many industries such as automated manufacturing, banking, communication, education, healthcare, police administration, retail, transportation, and even national defense. With AI and 5G technologies, IoT is anticipated to be further enhanced and explored in new applications.

Showcasing Taiwan’s expertise in IoT and other related fields, Taiwan Excellence is taking part as one of the key exhibitors at the 30th edition of the Asia IoT Business Platform in the Philippines. With presence in other countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, the Asia IoT Business Platform aims to address different key issues facing the adoption of IoT technology in the Philippines and the ASEAN region.

Focusing on telecommunication companies, government bodies, and verticals, the event serves as a platform to help enterprises understand and learn the latest innovation, as well as connect IoT solution providers to prospective clients and partners in the Philippines to drive their business development.

Top Taiwanese technology companies will display and demonstrate products and solutions that center on the application of IoT in a variety of industries.

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Manila Bulletin

15 July 2019

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