Is Digital Transformation in the Company Threatening Workers? (Kompas)

IoT & Smart City’s Head of Business Development Indosat Ooredoo Hendra Sumiarsa (right) was the speaker in a discussion held by the Asia IoT Business Platform (AIBP) at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (11/07/2019).
Photo: Kompas

Until now digital transformation has been carried out by many companies engaged in various fields, including Indonesia. The application of technology in a business can provide benefits and efficiency. One of them is the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology.

However, its presence is often considered a threat to jobs in various positions or disciplines. Seeing that condition, IoT Head of Business Development & Smart City Indosat Ooredoo Hendra Sumiarsa welcomed the positive presence of IoT which has had a lot of good impact on various aspects of life. He does not agree IoT is called a threat, but vice versa.

“Technology, including IoT, is not a threat to workers. We see it as an important tool,” Hendra told at Asia IoT Business Platform Indonesia media briefing held at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (07/11/2019).

According to Hendra, the presence of digital transformation in the form of IoT should be utilized properly and thoroughly. So, its existence has a significant impact, both in the company or other sectors.

The key reason for IoT is how to use it to the fullest. “How do we increase the rate, capacity, capability and more,” he said. “Digital is an enabler, so we have to use all existing technology so that we excel in the economy-digital era” he explained.

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11 July 2019

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