IT firms expected to lead country’s digital transformation (Việt Nam News)

Information and technology (IT) firms will lead the country’s digital transformation in all sectors, said Phan Tâm, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (MIC).

Speaking at the Việt Nam CEO Summit 2019 held in Hà Nội on Thursday, Tâm said the Fourth Industrial Revolution would create breakthroughs for countries which take advantage of its opportunities.

“The Vietnamese Government advocates fully tapping opportunities from Industry 4.0 in service of national digital transformation, making it easier for Việt Nam to escape the middle-income trap and become a modern industrialised nation by 2045,” he said.
He added that developing the digital economy would be one of the key tasks to promote economic restructuring and renewal of the growth model. The digital transformation would increase information and data access to bring new business opportunities and help local companies join regional and global value chains.

“The development strategy of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector for 2021–30 will focus on e-government, therefore Việt Nam needs to develop digital infrastructure and national data systems, thus laying the foundations for the digital economy. Businesses should be considered the centre for research and development, technology application and transfer,” he added.

The Government and MIC had taken measures to realise the targets, focusing on developing some key ICT firms to be leaders in terms of technology infrastructure and foundations for the digital economy, encouraging the development of local private companies, especially in the areas of manufacturing, hi-tech and IT.

Keith Davies, director of Energy and Resources at Monitor Deloitte Singapore said digital technology had made changes to every business.
Accordingly, marketing activities, developing customer networks, improving staff capacity, sales and other business functions had been redefined.

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10 August 2019

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