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Jakarta Smart City portal was introduced in 2015 by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as a platform for citizens to complain about problems that occur in the surrounding area, such as traffic violations, the damage done to public facilities, rubbish, beggars, street vendors wild, floods, etc.

This portal integrates all data and information from related SKPD using algorithms and visualization mapping. All reports and issues brought up by citizens will be able to reach to the right government departments quickly (if not immediately) for actions to be taken.

Jakarta smart city portal combines efforts of new technology applications including:

  • Qlue – a social media application that allows citizens to contribute and participate actively for a safer and more enjoyable neighbourhood.
  • CROP – an application only for Jakarta Provincial Government officials and police officers to accommodate the content of Qlue.

With the explanation of Pak Setiaji St., Head of Jakarta Smart City Management Unit, we saw examples of citizens submiting real time reports in forms of complaint notes and photos via the smart city portal. Reports from the public are then digitally mapped and integrated with the dashboard week we had the pleasure of visiting the Jakarta Smart City Lounge (thanks for the invite, Qlue!)

(If you look at the left panel closely) The whole process from information being received on the spot (there’ll a red box appearing when a complaint is filed), monitored and managed (yellow means problem is on the process of being dealt with) and then completion (green for problem solved!) can be monitored at at the control panel of Smart City Lounge.

According to Pak Setiaji, there are around 200-300 reports/complaints each day for each departments. With Jakarta Smart City Portal , central government is able to track the efficiency of responsible officials in dealing with city problems.

This portal also helps citizens track the locations of relatives and friends.  With the help of 900 CCTVs installed in the whole of Jakarta, users can check the traffic and avoid paths that are filled with vehicles. Social information such as hawkers, food truck locations, and other businesses can also be shared. This provides great convenience to the Indonesian as the app enables them to check commodities price online and order services/food delivery from the usual traditional market.

Pak Setiaji also shared with us more government initiatives such as the plan to replace 90,ooo street lights by December 2016. Jakarta one payment card will be doing a soft launch this June as well.

We are excited to have Pak Setiaji as part of the advisory board of IoT Indonesia, sharing more government initiatives at the conference and hosting a delegation visit to Jakarta Smart City lounge for demonstration after our event.

If you’re interested to join us at the offsite visit to Jakarta Smart City lounge, drop us a note. (Rest assured, it’ll be fun!)

Sue Yuin
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Sue Yuin Ho

Apr 20, 2016

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