Kemperin launches INDI 4.0 so that the industry is ready to enter the era of 4.0 (Kontan.CO.ID)

Coinciding with the Indonesia Industrial Summit (IIS) 2019, the Ministry of Industry today, Monday (15/4) launched Indonesia Industry 4.0 Readiness Index aka INDI 4.0. This indicator can be used to assess the level of industry readiness in Indonesia in applying industrial era 4.0 technology.

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto said, in the initial stages of its implementation, the INDI 4.0 assessment had been attended by 326 companies from various industries. Among other things, the food and beverage industry, textile, chemical, automotive, electronic, metal, various, and the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) sectors.

“The INDI 4.0 assessment uses the company’s self-assessment mechanism by measuring five pillars, namely management and organization, people and culture, products and services, technology, and plant operations,” said Airlangga.

The assessment score ranges from zero to level 4. Zero level means that it is not ready to transform into industry 4.0, level 1 initial readiness stage, moderate level 2 stage readiness, level 3 stage of mature readiness, and finally level 4 means the industry has implemented most industrial concepts 4.0 in the production system.

From the sectors referred to as having carried out the INDI 4.0 self-assessment, Airlangga revealed that the average readiness value achieved was 2.14. The sector with the highest INDI value is engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) with a score of 2.74.

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15 April 2019

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