Kominfo Call Promising Business IoT for Cellular Operators (CNN Indonesia)

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is optimistic that the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) can boost the revenues of cellular operators. Because IoT has big business potential for cellular operators.

The Director General of Post and Information Resources and Equipment of the Ministry of Communication and Information Ismail said that it is currently difficult for cellular operators to rely on credit sales and data packages.

Not to mention that the community is now starting to leave short messages and phone calls and start switching to applications that provide these two things for free. Ismail believes that cellular operators can drive revenue through applications related to IoT.

“Cellular operators are enthusiastic because this is the second (IoT rebound). If only selling data is quite heavy, competition is high. Most Indonesians want free. So it’s hard to rely on data because the era of SMS and telephone calls has run out,” Ismail said during the Asia IoT opening ceremony. Business Platform, in Kuningan, South Jakarta (28/8).

Indosat’s Chief Business Officer, Herfini Haryono said it was ready to implement IoT. He further acknowledged that the business potential on IoT is quite large.

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CNN Indonesia

29 August 2018

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