Less than 10 percent of Indonesian companies take advantage of IoT (CNN Indonesia)

Based on research conducted by the Asia LoT Business Platform (AIBP), less than 10 percent of Indonesian companies have benefited from digital transformation through IoT (Internet of Things). AIBP noted that only 8.9 percent of Indonesian companies, especially industries, have made digital transformation using IoT and felt the benefits. 

Regarding IoT utilization, Indonesia is still less than Thailand with 10.7 percent of companies that have benefited from digital transformation. However, Indonesia is still superior compared to neighbouring countries, Malaysia (5.1 percent) Philippines (2.8 percent), and Vietnam (2.1 percent).

“We see that companies in traditional manufacturing power centres in ASEAN, Indonesia and Thailand have benefited more from implementing digital transformation and local technology projects,” said Director of Asia LoT Business Platform Irza Suprapto, at a meeting press AIBP 2019, in South Jakarta, Thursday (11/7). 

Irza said the number of applications was consistent with AIBP observations in the past three to four years.

During this period, companies in Indonesia and Thailand invested heavily in technology. Irza said that now the companies are reaping the benefits of investments in technology.

The AIBP survey involved 1624 respondents spread across Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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CNN Indonesia

11 July 2019

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