Malaysia has potential to be Asia-Pacific cybersecurity hub, says Austrian Ambassador (New Straits Times)

Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Michael Postl (front centre left) believes the partnership between the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and Malaysia’s LGMS would create a ‘win-win’ situation for all concerned. Also in front row: TÜV AUSTRIA Group CEO Dr Stefan Haas (centre right), LGMS group managing director Fong Choong-Fook (far right) and TÜV TRUST IT CEO Detlev Henze (far left).
Photo: New Straits Times

Austrian Ambassador to Malaysia Dr. Michael Postl believes Malaysia has the potential to be a cybersecurity hub within the Asia-Pacific region.

“Malaysia’s strategic geographical location within the Asia-Pacific region, coupled with the country’s cybersecurity professionals and talent who I find to be hard-working, English-speaking and working in harmony are positive traits which bode well for the country,” said Postl.

“I have been impressed with Malaysia’s digital economy, which contributed 18.3 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, and how it has emerged as an engine of growth for the country,” he added.

Postl said like Malaysia, Austria also places great emphasis on the digital economy and has since implemented Digital Roadmap Austria.

“Digitisation offers key technologies for the development of economic and social innovations,” he said.

Postl was speaking at the launch of TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab Sdn Bhd, an Austrian-Malaysian joint-venture between TÜV TRUST IT, a member of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, and LGMS of Malaysia.

TÜV AUSTRIA is an international testing, inspection and certification (TIC) company with more than 2,000 staff delivering expert services in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Founded and based in Austria, the TÜV AUSTRIA Group generates some €220m (RM1 billion) in annual revenue today.

Malaysia’s LGMS is one of the region’s leading end-to-end cybersecurity firms with renowned brands courting its expertise.

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New Straits Times

3 March 2020

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