Malaysia Releases IoT Roadmap: S$11B Income Boost Expected

  • Also expected to create 14,270 high-skilled employment opportunities by 2020
  • Cyberjaya to be developed into model ‘Smart and Safe City’ through IoT

There have been numerous talks about how the IoT is poised to boom and flourish in Asia, particularly in the Southeast Asian region. With different cities across the region rapidly moving towards a smarter landscape—with the spearheading of Smart City programmes in Jakarta and Bangkok—the potential in the region for IoT is undoubtable.

The brightness of the future of IoT in the region is further amplified with Malaysia’s recent unveiling of its IoT roadmap last week in a bid to boost income and generate high-skilled jobs, simultaneously ramping up employment and improving the country’s overall economic performance. The strategic economic plan which is expected to boost income by US$11 billion and create more than 14 000 high-skilled employment opportunities is also poised to improve the Malaysia’s innovation competitiveness.

The IoT is seen as a very important tool in the economic and social development of many countries be it for the developing ones, or the developed. The technology is now at a tipping point in the internet evolution and that it is pivotal for the IoT to be adopted to enhance different operations across different industries and verticals.

The strategic IoT roadmap by Malaysia is not only timely, but an important emergence for different players in the IoT industry which are looking to drive the adoption of IoT technology. The plan was rolled out by MIMOS, the National R&D Centre in ICT of Malaysia and the leader in ICT innovations in the country. This serves as a massive incentive for IoT companies—be it local, regional, or global—to invest in the country for its IoT progression as the Malaysian government is spearheading a large-scale improvement plan for Malaysia’s IoT ecosystem. The support from the government not only establishes a credible basis for IoT investments, but it also raises the awareness of end-user enterprises and generic consumers about the benefits of IoT; the government acts as a major cosmopolite in this diffusion of innovations.

Under the plan, Cyberjaya will be putting in place various IoT-based solutions such as smart traffic management system, energy management, and many others to catalyse Malaysia’s move towards becoming a regional IoT hub and be a hot bed for IoT companies and tech profiles.

The Asia IoT Business Platform will be holding its 6th edition in Kuala Lumpur in November to further enhance and augment this initiative by providing a strategic platform for IoT solution providers to break into the local market and be part of the IoT boom in the country.


Jul 14, 2015

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