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Manufacturers need to rebuild digital supply chain visibility after Covid-19, say WMG and Blue Yonder (Robotics & Automation)

Manufacturers must unlock supply chain visibility to rebuild after the Covid-19 pandemic, WMG and Blue Yonder are warning.

The pandemic has disrupted supply and demand in many ways, from factory and border closures to swings in consumer needs, and those without supply chain visibility have been struggling to adapt and keep up.

Digital supply chain technologies perform a vital role across all stages of manufacturing, from sourcing materials and quality control to warehouses and shipping.

Now the industry is being warned any talk of “building back stronger” won’t come to fruition if manufacturers don’t have the visibility over demand and supply that digital supply chains can bring.

The warning comes as a result of WMG research conducted in with almost 250 manufacturing companies revealing that lack of visibility and workforce issues are creating the biggest supply chain bottlenecks:

  • 47 percent cited lack of visibility of capacity at suppliers and 37 percent cited lack of visibility of demand from customers as major supply chain constraints.
  • More than half (55 percent) used inventory as the major buffer against disruption. This ties up cash and can leave organisations exposed if demand falls.
  • Less than a third (32 percent) used visibility in their supply network to react to disruption. This is potentially a more effective strategy in the longer term.

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Robotics & Automation

4 March 2021


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