MDEC welcomes foreign digital investments into Malaysia post-Covid-19 (Malay Mail)

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) welcomes foreign digital investments into the local market with the gradual reopening of economic sectors following the government’s success in containing Covid-19.

Chief executive officer Surina Shukri said MDEC had recently submitted a proposal to the Economic Action Council on efforts to accelerate the growth of the country’s digital economy post-Covid-19, which it viewed as a priority in addition to enhancing business applications and services as well as continuing to get people to embrace digitalisation in adjusting to the new normal.

“Malaysia is now in the economic recovery phase. Therefore, we are welcoming digital investors that seek to expand their operations in the country and make Malaysia a springboard to explore the ASEAN market which has a lot of potential,” she said during a recent webinar organised by MDEC titled “Pre and Post Covid-19: Malaysia’s Digital Economy As A New Driver of Development.”

Two World Bank representatives, senior specialist for technology and jobs Siddhartha Raja and senior economist and Smita Kuriakose, also participated in the event.

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Malay Mail

12 June 2020

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