Microsoft Teams Up with Telkomsel to Develop IoT and AI in Indonesia (Kompas)

Microsoft and Telkomsel agreed to do a new partnership. In this partnership, the two companies strive to bring a number of the latest technology to remote areas in Indonesia.

This cooperation is carried out with the aim to help remote areas of Indonesia to get connectivity comparable to big cities. The two companies will combine the fifth generation internet network technology (5G) owned by Telkomsel with artificial intelligence (AI) Cloud Edge, data hubs, to Microsoft’s Internet of Things (IoT).

Telkomsel Chief Executive Officer, Setyanto Hantoro said this collaboration could improve competitiveness and quality of life in Indonesia, “This collaboration is in line with our commitment to continue to contribute to advancing Indonesia by ensuring the spread of the same network and providing unlimited access to the latest digital technology throughout Indonesia,” he said through an official statement to KompasTekno, Wednesday (3/4/2020).

In this collaboration, Microsoft will also provide a number of facilities to Telkomsel.

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4 March 2020

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