Ministry of Industry Encourages Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Sector amidst Industry 4.0 Era (Merdeka)

Ministry of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita
Photo: Santia/Merdeka

The Ministry of Industry stated that the manufacturing sector is ready to transform towards the industrial era 4.0. This aligns with the launch of Making Indonesia 4.0 in 2018, which adoption and development are being accelerated due to the COVID19 pandemic and the new normal.

“We are witnessing global dynamics, where new opportunities and new horizons of the global industrial landscape are open,” said Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, Ministry of Industry in his speech at the Hannover Messe Digital Days event which was held virtually on Wednesday (7/15).

The Ministry of Industry emphasized that the Government of Indonesia stay focused on implementing priority programs for the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. There are 5 industry sectors in which digital transformation processes are being boosted and prioritised to enhance its competitiveness in the global market.

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15 July 2020

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