Most big Thai businesses give digital a big embrace, survey finds (The Nation)

Most businesses in Thailand are digital adopters that utilise digital technology to support, enhance and performing their business in digital age. That is among the findings of the Digital Transformation Index survey of 100 executives. Meanwhile, around 7 per cent of businesses act as digital leaders that utilise digital technology and digital transformation to support their business.

Noppadol Punyatipat, country manager of Dell EMC Thailand said that the firm and Intel conducted the Digital Transformation Index survey of 100 executives from mid-to large-sized companies and enterprises. The survey also categorised business in five steps including digital laggards, digital followers, digital evaluators, digital adopters and digital leaders.

“The survey also reported that 90 per cent of Thailand business leaders believed that digital transformation should be more widespread throughout the organisation. And 61 per cent strongly agree they will be disrupters, rather than being disrupted, within five years,” said Noppadol. The survey categorised 40 per cent of respondents as digital adopters, which are businesses with a mature digital plan, and with investments and innovations in place. Another 25 per cent were digital evaluators. The next 23 per cent were digital followers, which are business with few digital investments and are tentatively starting to plan for the future.

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The Nation

3 October 2018

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