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New Southbound Policy: Taiwanese tech firms eye SE Asia (Taipei Times)

ASEAN nations and India are increasingly focused on Industry 4.0 — the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and cognitive computing — and major Taiwanese technology companies have been answering the call.

One of those companies is Advantech Co Ltd (研華科技), which held an Industry 4.0 forum in Ho Chi Minh City last year with Vietnamese systems integration company Techpro Thailand — the first large-scale forum of its kind to be held in Vietnam. Advantech chief executive Ho Chun-sheng (何春盛) said Vietnam became a key nation in the company’s development strategy not only to satisfy the requirement of investors to shift production capacity to Vietnam, but also to expand into the Vietnamese market.

The industries that Advantech is focused on developing in Vietnam are smart transportation, smart energy production and smart manufacturing. Techpro Thailand has invested in Advantech’s first service center for its products in Vietnam, where Advantech said its overall development strategy is three-pronged: development of designated industries, local investment and training of local talent.

“Taiwan can invest in producing computers, cellphones and electronic components in Vietnam. Just look at Intel, which has invested US$1 billion in Vietnam. So I hope there can be more high-tech Taiwanese companies investing in Vietnam — doing high-tech stuff there, computers … because Vietnamese youth are very intelligent, they can pick up skills very quickly,” Representative to Vietnam Chen Wei-hai (陳維海) said.

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Taipei Times

24 October 2018

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