Oracle platinum partner NTT Data eyes Philippine market gap for growth (Channel Asia)

NTT Data sees the Philippine healthcare sector as providing significant opportunities for channel partners.
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NTT Data sees huge potential in the Philippines market as the country shows an increased appetite for digital transformation, however, challenges still remain.

According to a Microsoft commissioned IDC report, Unlocking the economic impact of digital transformation in Asia Pacific, digital transformation is expected to add an estimated US$8 billion to the Philippines’ GDP by 2021.

“The Philippines is clearly on the digital transformation fast track,” said Hans Bayaborda managing director of Microsoft Philippines. “Within the next four years, we expect to see approximately 40 per cent of the Philippines’ GDP to be derived from digital products and services.”

In particular, NTT Data Philippines sees huge potential in the Philippine healthcare sector for technology providers, which has a rising gap between the number and availability of solutions from solution providers and a rising population with increasingly complex healthcare needs.

“Healthcare affects everyone – from tuberculosis to cancer,” said Christer Cruz director of solutions consulting and infrastructure services at NTT Data Philippines.

“NTT Data has a solution to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) together with deep learning to understand patterns and predict occurrences,” added Cruz. “Doctors are increasingly using predictive analytics tools to improve patient outcomes.”

While the healthcare sector provides significant opportunities for channel partners such as NTT Data, it is certainly not the only sector as the country is ripe for IT infrastructure modernisation.

“We started developing centres of excellence across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region,” said Cruz. “Working with the likes of Oracle to understand how technology can drive societal impact and solve real business problems for customers.”

Cruz sees three main focus areas for the solutions provider, namely, digital capability and intelligent cloud, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and consulting services.

“We walk our customers through their end-to-end journey from consulting to managing businesses,” said Cruz.

For Cruz, growing a market like the Philippines is not just about evangelising the latest emerging technology, but providing support to local businesses through knowledge and insight and collaborating with them in their success.

“We have formed numerous consortiums between different organisations, which has been spearheaded by our company,” Cruz added.

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As an Oracle Platinum partner, NTT Data has worked closely with the vendor to grow the firm’s market presence within the Philippines.

“There is a growing acceptance of digital innovations like cloud technology, for instance, within the Philippines,” said Cruz. “We have seen companies in the Philippines investing in emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, robotic process automation (RPA), and so on.”

Furthermore, there is a gap in the market between what customers want and the providers that offer these solutions, alluded Cruz.

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18 April 2019

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