Singapore Moves Up One Spot to be 7th Most Innovative Economy in the World (The Straits Times)

SINGAPORE – Singapore is now the seventh most innovative economy in the world, up one spot from its ranking in 2021.

Dominic Low - The Straits Times

29 September 2022


Opportunities for Growth in ASEAN’s Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

ASEAN is rapidly urbanising. 47% of its population now live in cities, and by 2030, another 90 million people will be city-dwellers. Urbanisation leads to [...]


22 September 2022


Lowering the Barriers to ESG Reporting with Technology

Companies, particularly public-listed firms, are increasingly expected to meet relevant reporting and disclosure requirements. Subject to greater public scrutiny of key environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics [...]

Bursa Sustain - Bursa Malaysia

29 August 2022


Cybersecurity in Support of ASEAN’s Digital Ambitions

ASEAN as a region has experienced accelerated digitalisation which has helped to grow the region’s digital economy, but have also led to new and novel [...]


1 September 2022


How Vietnam’s Telecom Industry Will Play a Key Role in Digital Transformation (Vietnam Briefing)

The telecommunications industry is a key driver behind Vietnam’s digital transformation. Telecommunications and other sectors in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector generated up [...]

Celina Pham - Vietnam Briefing

31 August 2022


Alibaba Cloud Unveils RISC-V Chip Development Platform (Computer Weekly)

Alibaba Cloud has unveiled a chip development platform to help global developers design high-performance systems-on-chip (SoCs) based on the open-source RISC-V instruction-set architecture.

Aaron Tan - TechTarget

24 August 2022


Tech Giants Grapple with Content Moderation in South-East Asia (The Straits Times)

Content moderation of social media involves screening user-generated content (UGC) to determine its appropriateness. Content moderation has become indispensable, without which social networks would be [...]

Pauline Leong - The Straits Times

29 July 2022


Manufacturing for Tomorrow: Intelligent, Connected and Sustainable – Key Takeaways

Esteemed panel comprised speakers from Beyonics, Elecon, First Philec, Thai Union and technology partner Oracle on how technologies such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine [...]


18 August 2022


The Metaverse and the Importance of Personal Data Protection in Southeast Asia (Fulcrum)

Like many countries across the globe, Southeast Asian countries have been embracing the idea of creating alternate realities in the ‘Metaverse’. The concept, envisaged as [...]

Albert Jehoshua Rapha - Fulcrum

17 June 2022


Banking as a Service (BaaS): The Missing Fuel to Supercharge Growth (ASEAN Business)

To the uninitiated eye, traditional financial institutions such as banks appear to be locked in a perpetual state of tension with the fintech revolution. If [...]

ASEAN Business

4 August 2022

Taiwanese Companies Flock to ASEAN for Growth

Taiwanese Companies Flock to ASEAN for Growth

In ASEAN, current trends reflect a shift towards customer-driven hyper-personalisation, as well as data-enabled optimisation. Considering the increasing focus on the ASEAN market, growth of [...]


22 July 2022

BSP pushes for more IT infra investments

BSP pushes for more IT infra investments (Manila Bulletin)

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is calling for higher public investment to upgrade and modernize the country’s information technology (IT) infrastructure as the country [...]

Manila Bulletin

20 July 2022