Road Use Management System a Key to Tackling Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a huge source of economic inefficiency in major cities around the world, not to forget the massive environmental costs involved as well. Governments have experimented with many solutions in a bid to solve this persistent urban issue, but only few have managed to develop ones that are both sustainable and effective.

In collaboration with IBM, the Swedish Roads Administration (Trafikverket) developed a smart road use management system implementing M2M capabilities like RFID, which saw a significant reduction in traffic congestion.

The speaker, Ole Jansson, a project manager and senior business advisor with the Swedish Roads Administration, led the operation of the Swedish congestion tax systems in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Through the introduction of innovative designs and new operational concepts, these congestion charging systems are currently the world’s most successful implementations of their kind.

Since its inception, there has been a 20 – 25% reduction in overall traffic volume. It is also estimated that 84 million euros in associated economic costs were saved, which would be re-directed to improve traffic infrastructure.

Ole has accumulated a wealth of experience from having been involved in large scale international engineering projects in North America, Australia, China and South East Asia.

Indonesia is a country Ole is very familiar with. He is very aware of the traffic conditions in many major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta and Bandung. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from his experience on tailoring M2M solutions based on specific city conditions and requirements to tackle traffic congestion when he speaks at the Asia M2M IoT Business Platform 2015 at Fairmont Jakarta, Indonesia from 25-26 August 2015.


Jun 29, 2015

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