Sarawak Energy Berhad and Carsem M Sdn Bhd Recognised for Innovation Projects at Annual AIBP Malaysia Enterprise Innovation Award

Sarawak Energy Berhad and Carsem M Sdn Bhd are selected as the winners from Malaysia in the 2021 ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Award, presented by AIBP. The 2021 edition of the award saw over 130 nominations across 5 countries, narrowed down to 27 finalists and 10 eventual winners – two of which came from Malaysia.

Enterprise Innovation Award winners from Malaysia will be invited to showcase their digital transformation projects at AIBP’s Innovation Retreat along with other winners from ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Sarawak Energy: Surging Ahead in the Digital Revolution of Electric Utilities

Founded in 1932, Sarawak Energy is the electric utility company of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is 1 of Malaysia’s 3 electrical companies and has a generation capacity of 5,306MW of electricity, serving over 3 million customers. 

Sarawak Energy is focusing on data as a strategic asset. The utility piloted the Performance Monitoring System (PMS) for the Sejingkat and Balingian coal-fired power plants as part of the Digital Power Plant initiative to monitor efficiency and performance status of critical components in order to maintain near best achievable efficiency. In addition, Sarawak Energy is exploring the use of virtual reality for technical training, as well as the use of blockchain in the wholesale energy market and the tracking of competency certificates.

This project resonates with the findings in the annual AIBP ASEAN Innovation Survey among business and information technology professionals across Southeast Asia, which revealed that enterprises in the region are increasingly adopting digital technology to stay competitive. Data analytics (65%), IoT (44%), artificial intelligence (34%), machine learning (34%), and robotic process automation (33%) are the top 5 technologies enterprises in ASEAN are looking to invest in over the next 2-3 years.

Carsem’s Automation and Digitalisation Roadmap to be Lean, Green & Productive

Founded in 1972, Carsem M is a leading provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry, offering one of the largest package and test portfolios in the world. Together, Carsem M (Malaysia) and Carsem SZ (Suzhou, China) are now one of the world’s largest independent semiconductor sub-contract assembly houses, producing over 100 million units per week, with more than 65 percent of this volume shipped as fully tested products. 

Carsem M has taken three initiatives in the last year as part of their digital roadmap, which has increased productivity and reduced human intervention in their factory. All three initiatives are part of Carsem’s overall digital transformation strategy, and will be replicated in other Carsem factories in the coming years as the company strives to be fully automated in order to achieve the highest quality with zero defects.

About AIBP ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Award

Established in 2017, the key objective of the annual AIBP Enterprise Innovation Award is to give recognition to organisations who have embarked on projects to digitally transform their business through the adoption of innovative technology. The awards are held annually in the following ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

About AIBP

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3 January 2022