Schneider Electric expanding with IoT (Bangkok Post)

France-based Schneider Electric has committed to expanding its business presence in Southeast Asia with an Internet of Things (IoT) concept called EcoStruxure. Thailand was chosen as the first country in this region for the concept after the government announced the economic roadmap for Thailand 4.0. Peter Herweck, executive vice-president for industry business, said the government’s Eastern Economic Corridor scheme is an opportunity for the company to expand locally, as Thailand is the largest manufacturing hub in this region.

“Thailand has many industrial sectors, and most of them need an upgrade in manufacturing efficiency,” he said. “Our innovative products can meet demand from manufacturers.” Mr Herweck said automotive, electronics, water treatment and agricultural sectors are the country’s strength and opportunity industries, so Schneider Electric is focusing on these sectors to provide its service platform. 

He said Southeast Asia has become a single market with a large population of 650 million people, mobilised by many young citizens. This region will become a competitive market for Schneider Electric in the near future. 

“Schneider Electric entered this emerging region 8-9 years ago, as we have seen the new generation capable of adopting of our technology and innovations,” Mr Herweck said. “Roughly 30% of our business presence is done in Asia-Pacific, as we forecast that this region is growing faster than others in the world. More importantly, 45% of our employees are located in Asia-Pacific.” 

Mr Herweck said Schneider Electric aims to focus on petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and transport from upstream to downstream. 

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Bangkok Post

17 December 2018

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