“Smart City” pilot projects to be rolled out in Thailand

According to Sigvart Von Eriksen, CMO of DTAC in an interview at the 4th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform, in 4-5 years’ time we will see more than 400 million connected devices in Thailand alone – while we are still below 1 million right now. He is convinced that the IoT market in Thailand will explode in near future, which would not come as a surprise given the active role government is playing.

ICT Ministry Minister Uttama Savanayana confirmed that the Information and Communication Technology Ministry is eyeing Phuket and Chiang Mai as ‘smart cities’ that focus on tech start-ups as part of a move to turn Thailand into the digital hub of ASEAN. Under the policy the ministry planned to roll out pilot projects to drive the country forward, with the “smart city” plan one of them.

The first task was to formulate a solid digital economy master plan, which consists of 5 main domain missions – hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, service infrastructure, digital economy promotion, and a digital society.

The second task involved delivering the pilot projects including projects centred on e-commerce, e-education, e-industry, and e-government. The Ministry would work with other ministries, such as Commerce, to set up an e-commerce platform to help businesses go online, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and those in agriculture.The national e-payment platform is believed to play a crucial role in driving e-commerce, while making it easier for government to verify online merchants through the Trust Mark.

The e-government agency was playing a big role in the planned roll-out of the e-government pilot project.With 2,000 ICT centres nationwide, the e-industry pilot project focused on encouraging SMEs to benefit from using technology.

With the startup scene in Thailand exploding right now, it is foreseen that there will not only be massive increase of new ideas and IoT inventions coming up, but also growing demand for solutions to increase efficiency and decision making maturity within enterprises.

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Sue Yuin Ho

Nov 19, 2015

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