Smart city to boost sustainable growth and prosperity (Vietnam Plus)

A talk is held at the Smart City Summit Da Nang 2019. Smart city solutions will be a choice for Vietnam to boost its digital economy development in the next decade.
Photo: VNA

Smart city building is a crucial solution to boost economic growth and prosperity in Vietnam, while investing in ‘smart city’ projects is the best way for Vietnam to digitalise, an expert has said.

Chairman of the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) Truong Gia Binh made the statement at the opening ceremony of the Smart City Summit in Da Nang city on October 23, stressing smart city development is crucial.

“It’s a must and very urgent. We have a good choice for catching the world of rapid digitalisation. The government should offer smooth conditions for businesses investing in big data, digital platforms and infrastructure as well as speeding up digital economy transformation in the next decade,” Binh said.

Binh also emphasised that people, businesses and local governments must be involved in building smart cities, and serving the people has to be a focus of the smart city.

He said local people have the right to ask their local government for social security, fresh water, clean air, smooth traffic, safe food, convenient health care and transparency, and smart cities will be a sustainable and cost-saving choice for Vietnam.

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24 October 2019

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