Stepping Up Cybersecurity During The Pandemic (The ASEAN Post)

While ASEAN is increasingly coordinating its efforts to reinforce regional cybersecurity, more needs to be done to address the constantly evolving threats.

According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report, one of the biggest concerns in regards to the current COVID-19 crisis is the increase in cyberattacks and data fraud. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of a digital culture worldwide. This means that cyberattacks and data fraud are likely to happen on a more regular basis. 

Although the health crisis has raised alarms among experts and businesses about cybercrimes, these issues are nothing new.

In a 2019 Global Risks Report by the WEF, data fraud/theft and cyberattacks were the fourth and fifth biggest threats facing the world according to the nearly 1,000 decision-makers surveyed in the report. It is clear that stakeholders in the public and private sector as well as academia and civil society should intensify efforts to contain potential fallouts.

In recent years, with increased sophistication and volume, hackers’ attacks and their successful security breaches are causing more damage than ever before. 

Mark Thomas, Vice-President of Cybersecurity at Dimension Data, told The ASEAN Post that organisations in ASEAN member states are accelerating their security transformation by forging strategic relationships with select partners to build security roadmaps and architectures as well as optimising their infrastructure.

“(ASEAN) governments have issued various guidelines mandating the private and public sector to upgrade their security infrastructure in order to combat the evolving threat landscape,” said Thomas.

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25 May 2020

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