Summary of Discussions from Asia IoT Business Platform 2018, Singapore

Asia IoT Business Platform‘s 2018 calendar of events kicked off on 26th February 2018 in Singapore with a gathering of government agencies and enterprises from Southeast Asia. All government presentations (Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and InformaticsMalaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission & Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency) outlined local policy/regulation which have been implemented to drive adoption of digital technologies locally from both private enterprises and government entities. MCIT Indonesia highlighted work on improving connectivity to Indonesia’s far flung islands while MCMC Malaysia outlined their contributions to the National IoT Roadmap, which is due to be refreshed later this year. Thailand’s DEPA reiterated that the largest opportunities for IoT in Thailand are from sensors used in the automotive industry, smart connected devices for consumers and embedded systems.

The other presentations for the day were given by representatives of 2017’s Enterprise Innovation Award Winners:

* On a side note, Enterprise Innovation Awards 2018 nominations are now open and you can nominate your company here.

K.E.A. Industrial Corporation presented on how Electric Tricycles adoption in Philippines is increasing (did you know that the Phillipines has 3 million registered conventional tricycles?) and how this will impact emissions, safety and economics for drivers. BNI(Indonesia’s 4th largest bank) highlighted how they’ve used technology to reach out to their customers using e-wallets and Agen46 – a mobile banking solution. Blue Bird Group listed the projects they are working on to improve customer experience and these include:

  1. Road navigation and route optimization
  2. In/Out depo process flow scalability
  3. Dispatch, pick-up & on-trip management
  4. Driver behaviour analytics
  5. Onboard entertainment
  6. Real-time and centralized fleet analytics & alerts

Other enterprises which presented their digital transformation projects at the event include Manheim Asia Pacific (adoption of digital solutions to accelerate online sales and business analytics capabilities), EG Industries and Carehealth Plus.

The second day of the event saw our attendees attending onsite workshops conducted by our partners:

  1. Blackberry: Securing the Enterprise of Things
  2. Dassault Systemes: Data Management & Manufacturing Digital Continuity
  3. NTUitive: How universities can spearhead innovation and entrepreneurship while also supporting private enterprises

If you’re interested in the presentations and full summary of the event & site visit, please contact your respective account manager. If you do not have an account manager, please drop us a private message and we’ll be in touch.

You can find out more about Enterprise IoT developments in Southeast Asian markets here.

Local enterprises will be the focus for our 2018 Asia IoT Business Platform events being held in Malaysia, Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. If you’re a company offering Enterprise IoT solutions and are interested in these markets, drop us a note at

Irza Fauzan Suprapto

28 February 2018

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