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‘Superior digital experience’ the key to unlocking greater growth: study (The Business Times)

Nearly eight in 10 South-east Asian consumers consider themselves “digitally curious” and look forward to organisations delivering more digital experiences and services, according to a survey, putting them ahead of the world when it comes to embracing digital technologies.

The figure is 64 per cent in the United Kingdom, 59 per cent in the United States, 57 per cent in Germany and 55 per cent in France, based on software firm VMware’s Digital Frontiers 3.0 Study.

About 69 per cent of consumers South-east Asia also said that while 2020 had forced them to engage with organisations digitally, they found the experience to be enjoyable.

This contrasts with the rest of the world, with just 40 per cent in the US and France, and 33 per cent in the UK and Germany saying the same.

The digital transformation in South-east Asia is led by financial services and retail, with the number of respondents saying they are now happy to engage with such organisations at 63 per cent and 60 per cent respectively.

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The Business Times

11 March 2021

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