Support Industry 4.0, Indonesia Will Have the First 3D Printer Factory (SINDOnews)

The government is boosting new industrial flows called industry 4.0. In various statements, the Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto explained that there are five main technologies that sustain this industry, namely the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine Interface, robotic and sensor technology, and 3D Printing technology. 

Responding to the government’s big idea. Inspira Academy as the only leading and first educational institution in Indonesia that has a concentration in the field of 3D design and printing (3D creation), robotics and IoT, in 2019 this will build the first 3D printer factory in Indonesia. 

According to Sugianto Kolim, Founder of Inspira Academy, one of the advantages of 3D printers is being able to produce a design work in 3-dimensional form. If in the meantime we are designing something of a product or product, such as a car, National Monument (National Monument) or other forms, we can only print in paper form. Now, with this 3D printer, one can print the results of the design in the form of cars, Monas and others in the form of 3 dimensions with a certain scale.

“One of the advantages of 3D printer technology is to simplify and accelerate the industrial production process in all fields. Unfortunately, the price of 3D printers is still very expensive, both for business and individual consumption,” said Sugianto Kolim, Founder of Inspira Academy.

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7 February 2019

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