Takeaway from IoT Indonesia Media Day: Collaboration is key to IoT & Smart City advancement

Last Thursday, a media day for the 9th edition of Asia IoT Business Platfrom: IoT Indonesia was hosted at the Jakarta Smart City Lounge.

Key leaders from local telecommunication operators and government sectors to private sectors driving the IoT and smart city initiatives in Indonesia were present, providing inputs on the current progress and sharing efforts to be taken on further.

A panel discussion was moderated by Abhisek Shah, Head of the ICT Committee, Amcham Indonesia; and panelists that participated included:

Brief discussion summary of the media day:

Why Internet of Things?

Abhishek started the discussion by giving a description on how Internet of Things impacted on our daily lives with the help of connectivity. From his experience in IBM, sectors including manufacturing and public sector/smart city have a lot of potential to grow via IoT. “IoT will drive a country’s digital economy,” commented Abhishek.

According to Hendra, digital revolution has started, which inevitably must be followed by cellular operators, as well as internet operators. The key of IoT lies in qualified connectivity, which is closely related to the readiness of infrastructure in the Telco industry.

“Young people are increasingly creative. This can be seen through the increasing number of applications that were created by them, such as Go-Jek, Qlue, etc. We are ready to support them – this digital revolution will create new jobs that will be able to drive national economic growth.”

Arifa pointed out that the two main aims of IoT are to allow effectiveness and improve productivity. Currently, some industries have initiated to use IoT in their operations, to improve their productivity and help to serve their customers better.

“Take for instance, the existence of Jakarta Smart City. The success is determined by Connectivity, Device, Application and the Person who operates it. The creation of Jakarta Smart City benefits the citizens of Jakarta in meeting their needs easily and efficiently. In future, IoT will touch all aspects of human life; to be easier and more efficient, ” said Ibu Arifa.

Smart City and IoT

Setiaji gave an overview on what Jakarta Smart City is about: The birth of Jakarta Smart City started from the idea of ‘blusukan’ (hands-on operation) during the era of DKI Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo. Afterwards, e-blusukan came, which was later developed into JSC in 2015. Jakarta Smart City concept arrives from the vision to help create a better living experience for the Jakarta citizen.

“A city will not be considered a decent living place if there is no digital connectivity. Digital connectivity is an integral part of human life, as it assists us in our socialization, transaction, and etc,” explained Setiaji.

Of course, smart city is an extension of IoT. Setiaji mentioned that the existence of JSC cannot be separated from the implementation of IoT with the target of New Jakarta that is more innovative and efficient. “The implementation of IoT is realized with a plan to create Jakarta One Card, City Surveillance System, Dump Truck Tracker, and Smart Lighting System. If there is any problem happening in their residential area, they can conveniently report it to the government via the Jakarta Smart City Platform.”

Bringing IoT forward 

As quoted by Arifa, “What needs to be understood is that IoT cannot walk on its own. Surely, it needs the collaboration from all the stakeholders, including the gadget/devices provider, platform, and the application providers – All of them support and complement each other.”

Azhar mentioned that BEKRAF is looking to accommodate the emergence of new startups that need stimulus from the government. He believes that the involvement of telco operators really helps in fostering the development of startups.

According to Hendra, the term digital society is increasingly known. This refers to the importance of community involvement in providing or submitting inputs for the success of IoT.

The panelists urged IoT stakeholders from all sectors – both locally and from abroad – to come together to help local enterprises and public sectors in adoption and implementation of IoT. Solution providers are welcome to build strategic partnerships and grow the IoT ecosystem in Indonesia.

This media day is a preview to the 9th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: IoT Indonesia at JW Marriott Jakarta on 15-16 August 2016.

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News report of the media day can be found as follows (as of 18 June 2016):

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Jun 22, 2016

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