#TECH: Covid-19 drives digital transformation for Asean enterprises (New Straits Times)

COVID-19 is driving digital transformation for enterprises in the Southeast Asia region (Asean) and will open up wider opportunities for carriers and service providers, said data and analytics company, GlobalData.

Its senior analyst Alfie Amir said a large majority of Asean enterprises still rely on traditional information communication technology (ICT) such as captive data centre and traditional network services, making it more challenging for them to adapt to the changes associated with Covid-19 such as remote working and digital customer channels.

For Asean enterprises, most applications are still hosted in-house and were designed to be accessed by users within the corporate network. Most network services are not agile to adapt to the large number of users accessing from the public network or the internet.

Some enterprises are migrating the application compute and storage from in-house to a third-party facility while others are changing their network design by increasing bandwidth, re-dimensioning internal network across the headquarters and branches, and implementing agile solutions such as software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

New Straits Times

6 May 2020

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