Telkom Cooperates with Japan to Develop IoT-Based Natural Disasters (Republika)

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology-based natural disaster management is one of the leading services in the partnership plan of PT Telkom Indonesia with Japanese telecom giant SoftBank Corp.

According to Senior Manager, IoT Platform, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, I Ketut Agung Enriko, superior service and proven experience in Japan has become one of the attractions for Tekom, the state-owned digital telco, to work together with them.

“In Indonesia it is already going there too. Many have made IoT-based disaster management services, including startups,” said I Ketut Agung Enriko, who is familiarly called Enriko in a press statement on Tuesday (4/6).

However, according to Enriko, Japan is a country that has been tested to deal with many natural disasters. “They have been working on it for longer,” he said

Enriko assessed that disaster services in the sunrise country are far better.Because, besides the user interface / user experience (UI / UX) is already very advanced, the accuracy of the information is also much easier for decision makers.

In addition, he said, the service has been very tested because it has been operated for a long time in the form of government cooperation with operators. So that it can be adopted and developed commercially in other countries.

“The hope is that if we work together, of course there will be a knowledge transfer process in the future. So, their experience and knowledge, both conceptually and businessly, can strengthen each other,” he explained.

In addition to disaster, it also plans to establish synergies in the field of smart manufacturing and other smart city services. At present, both parties continue to inventory any service needs before they later become NDA points (Non-disclosed Agreement) and Memorandum of Understanding.

According to Enriko, the stages towards the MoU cannot be instantaneous.Usually, it can take even up to one year depending on the opportunities and challenges of the parties. Even so, Telkom is trying to realize this.

“We have to admit that the majority of research in Japan is serious and costs not a little. Therefore, their services are truly advanced. We hope that if the MoU runs, it will benefit Telkom’s business side,” he said.

Enriko added, the plan to implement cooperation in addition to entities in the country, also with Telin units that already exist in 10 countries in the world. So, the concept of marketing and shared services will be provided.

“Maybe later the cooperation service mechanism will be marketed in ten Telin service countries. We will see our products being put forward, or Softbank, in terms of business opportunities,” Enriko said, saying the cooperation was somewhat similar to Telkom and Telstra’s cooperation. but this coverage is more specific in the field of IoT and Smart City.

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4 June 2019

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