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Tell us what’s good and what’s not: PM tells corporate honchos (VN Express)

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc meets representatives of 20 global corporations in Hanoi before the opening session of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN on September 12.
(Photo: VN Express, VGP)

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked 20 major corporations to share their expectations of Vietnam in the coming decade.

The Wednesday meeting was held under the auspices of the ongoing 2018 World Economic Forum on ASEAN in Hanoi before its first session opened. Attending the meeting were representatives from 20 global corporations including Standard Chatered, Google, Facebook, Apple, Bloomberg, GE, Hitachi, Temasek, ThaiBev and several Vietnamese big corporations.

Phuc said he wants to learn more about the corporations’ plans in Vietnam for the next three to five years. He also wants to know what investors like most about the business environment in Vietnam and what bothers them most.

“Tell us your expectations about Vietnam’s economy in the next ten years so that we can work together to benefit us both. I suggest that we do not distinguish foreign investors from domestic ones, that we talk together freely like members of one big family,” the PM said.

The corporate honchos pledged to go along with the Vietnamese government’s major policies on building e-government, and developing a digital economy.

Simon Milner, vice president of public policy for Facebook Asia-Pacific, said they were committed to a long-term presence in Vietnam and wanted to be part of the digital growth vision of the Vietnamese government. He said Facebook will work with four aspects of Vietnam’s digital growth: digital citizens, digital economy, digital government and digital connections.

Facebook was committed to supporting Vietnamese firms, especially small and medium ones and startups.

A senior executive with Thai Beverage (Thaibev) noted that the company had last year invested $5 billion in Sabeco, Vietnam’s leading beer brand.

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12 September 2018

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