Thailand government teams up with Huawei to set up 5G network in the country (Asia One)

China-based information and communications technology giant Huawei, in collaboration with Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society Ministry, other government offices, private agencies and leading universities, is now ready to turn the much-awaited 5G Testbed into a reality.

As the first and only vendor so far to deliver the 5G network to the 5G Testbed in the Eastern Economic Corridor, Huawei is providing a platform that will be used for end-to-end tests and trials of applications in a real-world setting.

It will also be a venue to research and develop new services and products using new ICT technology to serve industry development.

The collaboration aims to test and bring the 5G experience to millions of consumers in all vertical industries, including education, automotive, manufacturing and industry, and health, who will benefit greatly from next-generation technologies.

There are many advantages to 5G, including a very powerful wireless networking technology that is suitable for all industrial applications and innovations, the company said on Tuesday.

The first 5G presentation will demonstrate use cases on Multi-UHD Video Live and 360 Wireless VR.

This will give a glimpse into how 5G will power the UHD video industry, based on high bandwidth, low latency and a highly reliable network, enabling the new connectivity, new architecture and new media of the future, Huawei said, adding that other partners would also be welcome to test their applications on its 5G platform.

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Asia One

12 June 2019

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