The Race of Building Smart Cities in Vietnam

There has been a global push for smarter, better solutions for our cities, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam’s cities and provinces are also ramping up efforts with new action plans to realise their smart city dream. 

E-government as the main focus

A report published by the United Nations in January shows that in the past 5 years, Vietnam’s e-government development index has jumped 11 ranks, making Vietnam among the top countries with high levels of e-government development.

According to Mai Tien Dung, Minister and Chairman of the Office of the Government, the Government is very aggressive in setting themselves as an exemplar of executing digital transformation to create the best foundations and environment for enterprises to follow.

The National Committee for E-Government has been established with the aim of creating the best infrastructure to promptly serve the needs of the citizens and enterprises. 

In March this year, the Government Office launched the National e-Document Exchange Platform, a move towards building a foundation for integration and sharing of national digital data. Ministries and local agencies are working on completion of the national databases on population, business registration, national land, electronic household registration and specialised data. These databases will be connected with the Platform during the 2020-2025 period with a focus on strengthening cybersecurity.

Smart tourism fueling the development of smarter cities

As much as how a smart city can create and sustain smart tourism, smart tourism also has the transformative power to drive the development of smarter cities. Big cities in Vietnam have embarked on adopting digital technologies to fulfil the goal of turning Vietnam into a regional travel destination based on smart tourism development.

Ha Noi launched a new Hop on – Hop off Tour program last year, with buses featuring free wi-fi and a five-language automated tour guide system making 13 stops and passing more than 20 famous attractions.

Ho Chi Minh City is also actively promoting the application of technology in the tourism industry. The city has started the operations some smart tourism information stations, and smart travel software such as “Sai Gon Bus”, “Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide”, and “Ho Chi Minh City Guide and Map”.

Da Nang is also a leading city in developing the smart tourism model. In addition to tourist support software, Da Nang has launched a mobile application called “Da Nang Fantasticity” which incorporates a smart chatbot and allows tourists to access all information about the city at their fingertips.

Smart living and buildings as the foundation of smart city

Following the fast-growing demand among young Vietnamese, smart townships in Vietnam become more popular. Indeed, property developers are incorporating technologies in their projects to build smart living environment for the citizens of Vietnam. Property developer Sunshine Group is considered as a pioneer in this revolution as it has built a series of smart homes and smart living ecosystems by applying integrated smart technology into their products. The company offers technology-based solutions that feature through Sunshine Cab App including Smart Home App and Sunshine Mart that offers cashless payment through Sunshine Online service for their residents. 

Vingroup – the biggest private conglomerate in Vietnam – upgraded their 280-ha project into a dynamic smart township named Vinhomes Smarty City in the West of Hanoi in early April this year. Vinhomes Smart City will be operated intelligently a 24/7 operations centre using AI and IoT to monitor the area. It will also incorporate an intelligent elevator system, intelligent fire protection, air quality monitoring and environmental pollution warnings.

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An overview of Vinhomes Smart City Project – Photo Credits: Vingroup

The list of smart township is growing with projects including BRG Smart City in Hanoi, Ecopark Smart City in the northern province of Hung Yen, Dragon Smart City in the central coastal city of Da Nang, and Thu Thiem Eco Smart City in Ho Chi Minh City. 

These projects promise smart and eco-friendly neighbourhoods where residents can stay in a smart urban complex that focuses on convenience, safety and integrated services within a walkable distance. 

Digital initiatives on e-government, smart tourism and smart living will be discussed in detail by key government officials and industry leaders at the 33rd edition of Asia IoT Business Platform held on 18-19 November in Ho Chi Minh City. If you would like be involved in these discussions, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].

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13 september 2019

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