The time to unlock Industry 4.0 growth is now – here’s how (The Jakarta Post)

Indonesia’s digital manufacturing ambitions are well-known. In 2018, the Industry Ministry launched Making Indonesia 4.0, a roadmap to accelerate digitization in the country’s industrial sector.

Strides were made in 2019 when the World Economic Forum inducted two Indonesian factories – Schneider Electric’s Batam facility, as well as local mining company Petrosea’s Kalimantan operation – into its Global Lighthouse Network, in recognition of their transformation efforts. Then COVID-19 struck.

In the past year, companies have taken massive steps to protect their people and business. This has been the biggest test facing industrial digitization. McKinsey looked across industries and spoke to 400 business leaders worldwide to understand how their approach to digitization has affected their response to the pandemic. Overall, 94 percent of respondents said Industry 4.0 and its associated technologies helped them keep their operations running during the crisis, and 56 percent said these technologies are critical to their crisis response.

Respondents in Indonesia partly reflected these results, with 94 percent saying that Industry 4.0 technologies kept them moving throughout the pandemic, while 26 percent classed them as critical to their response.

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The Jakarta Post

28 July 2021

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