The transformation of video communications (The Business Times)

The world is now witnessing the rise of a new group of consumers driving Asia’s economy – digital natives who contribute to over 30 per cent of Asia’s total consumption. Following the mass migration to digital channels amid the pandemic, this growing consumer segment favours quality and carries heightened expectations for immersive, personalised and connected experiences. Yet, the digital age with its short and endless streams of content has made generating meaningful connections increasingly difficult. This means that businesses will need to do more to engage meaningfully across both physical and digital channels.

Businesses in the region are now faced with an accelerated urgency to transform both from the inside and out, to provide the level of meaningful connection consumers now demand. Be it overhauling business propositions, delivering innovative products and services, or driving engagement within the everywhere workforce, video communications is one of the key channels that cannot be ignored – and will need to evolve and scale to better serve organisations.

Total experience

It’s no longer just about digital experience, customer experience or even employee experience. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, businesses now need to bring to the table total experience, delivering all these ‘X’s in one complete package.

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The Business Times

20 January 2022