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Trucked and loaded: a greener way to move cargo (The Star)

As e-commerce continues to boom, moving goods via cross-border road transportation is the way forward, according to a study.

In a white paper titled “Southeast Asia Freight: The Road To Growth”, DHL Global Forwarding found that transporting cargoes using long-haul trucking is significantly cheaper and generates less pollution than airfreight.

For instance, an air-road shipment from Jakarta to Bangkok via Singapore cuts carbon emission by half and saves up to 35% in costs compared to a direct flight, the study found.

Meanwhile, trucking goods from Singapore to China has a 83% lower carbon footprint compared to airfreight, the firm claimed.

“Road logistics is seeing a greener future, powered by technology to become more efficient and secure, and more sustainable with carbon efficient fuels,” said DHL Global Forwarding South-East Asia CEO Thomas Tieber.

The efficiency of trucking is improving as new digital freight forwarding marketplaces allow cargoes to be matched better with trucking capacity, reducing the number of journeys made with little or no load.

The marketplaces use Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict volume and required capacity, which also helps lower price points.

Quoting analytics firm Transport Intelligence (Ti), Tieber said a majority (80%) of business-to-business sales between merchants and professional purchasers – people who buy products and manage inventories for companies – will take place on digital channels by 2025.

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The Star

30 August 2021

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