UEM Edgenta and Proton in new energy initiative (New Straits Times)

UEM Edgenta Bhd has been roped in by Proton Holdings Bhd to manage and implement the national carmaker’s energy efficiency initiatives over seven years.

Under the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), UEM Edgenta will be optimising Proton’s Centre of Excellence (COE) at the Sime UEP Industrial Park and Tanjung Malim manufacturing plant.

The contract will also see optimisation initiatives in lighting retrofit, chiller replacement, installation and optimisation of Proton’s compressed air system and installation of a Cloud and IOT sensor-based Energy Monitoring System at both facilities.

“One of the key principles of Industry 4.0 is the importance of making better things while making things better and this initiative will not only allow Proton to grow in a positive manner via our plant expansion, but it allows us to do so in a way where we reduce our overall carbon footprint,” said its chief executive officer Dr. Li Chunrong in a statement.

“This is in line with our forward direction of using technology to grow Proton’s overall presence in the region,” he added.

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New Straits Times

26 December 2018

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