Việt Nam gears toward e-Government and digital economy (Việt Nam News)

Minister and Chairman of the Office of the Government Mai Tiến Dũng.
(Photo: Việt Nam News,

HÀ NỘI — Information technology development and application in the operation of all Government agencies has been defined as key in national industrialisation and modernisation, Minister and Chairman of the Office of the Government Mai Tiến Dũng highlighted in his writing on the Government news portal baochinhphu,vn on Thursday.

In 2014, the Party Politburo issued Resolution No 36 on the promotion of information technology (IT) to respond to the country’s demand for sustainable development and international integration.

The resolution also set a target that by 2020 the national administrative reform programme will have achieved certain successes and have contributed to building of an electronic Government and the Government online services or e-government will be available in many fields.

In early 2015, the Government issued a resolution focusing on e-government. The resolution aimed to improve the quality of all Government agencies.

However, the resolution said, the implementation of the e-Government has not yet brought about its expected results. Việt Nam’s ranking in the 2018 United Nations e-government survey was only at the middle level. According to the UN survey, in the past two years, Việt Nam’s ranking jumped one step to 88th among 193 countries and territories in the survey. Within the ASEAN, Việt Nam ranks sixth.

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10 August 2018

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