Vietnam puts priority on artificial intelligence development (Inquirer)

AI is used at Quang Trung Software City in apartment building management.
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In the development of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant progress and is expected to make breakthroughs in the next ten years. Following the global trend, the Vietnamese government aims to turn AI into a driving force of development and make it a top priority in growth policies.

One of the most important tasks is developing human resources, including improving higher education training quality, building 4.0 technology training institutes, encouraging technological application, renovation at businesses; and investment in science-technology research.

According to Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngọc Anh Việt Nam has advantages in start-up innovation and technological development, especially in AI. With an open business climate and labour force interested in technology, the application of AI in various sectors has made progress, connecting parts of the nation’s AI ecosystem.

In Việt Nam, AI has been applied in a number of sectors including healthcare, education, agriculture, transport and e-commerce.

The information-telecommunication-technology group FPT Corporation has applied AI in smart traffic in HCM City.

Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group is the first business in Việt Nam to apply AI in endoscopy, helping identify, localise and assess levels of damage in the digestive system.

“AI reduces diagnosis time by five times compared to traditional methods with accuracy of up to 90 per cent,” Nguyễn Quang Vinh from Viettel Business Solutions Corporation said.

In the agricultural and forestry sector, Viettel has applied AI in forest status and area statistics with accuracy of 80 per cent. The firm is looking to set up forest databases and management maps.

Viettel has also come up with a solution to help businesses fight cyberattacks and tighten internal security.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam AI aims to make society safe and civilized. Projects like smart cities, traveling assistance, security control and information security are all to serve the country.

“AI offers opportunities for Việt Nam to make breakthroughs and push the country forward,” he said.

AI ecosystem

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyễn Chí Dũng said the ministry had set up a digital ecosystem for innovation and start-ups. The ministry had proposed to the Prime Minister a national innovation centre which supports technological breakthroughs and creative ideas of Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ministry of Science and Technology would accompany the AI community to help them address challenges in the process of studying and developing AI in Việt Nam.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment had created favorable conditions to attract domestic and international investment in AI. At the Vietnam Venture Summit in June this year, 18 local and foreign investment funds committed investment of US$425 million for Vietnamese start-ups in the next three years.

Putting human resource development at the core of the AI industry, the Vietnamese innovation network had attracted technological experts.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment planned to expand the network of Vietnamese AI experts in other countries and establish a global fund to train high-quality human resources for the industry.

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4 September 2019

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