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Thailand is currently on its 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021) with future growth forecasted to be stable between 3% – 4% as private consumption and public and foreign investments continue growing. One of the plan’s key focus is the Thailand 4.0 policy which aims to revolutionize the majority of the country’s industry through digitalization. Under Thailand 4.0, the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is set to be a pillar of digital and economic transformation in the country. The government is set to invest $45 billion to develop the area with the Digital Park Thailand as its core. The park will house digital infrastructure crucial to the country’s aim to be a digital innovation hub.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society introduced the Digital Agenda 2018 in line with Thailand 4.0 to reduce income and development disparity throughout Thailand, and capacity building for progression towards a digital workforce and economy. The agenda focuses on smart cities and IoT development to achieve Digital Thailand. The 5 areas are: 1) Digital Infrastructure 2) Digital Government 3) Digital Manpower 4) Cyber Security 5) Digital Tech Developments

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society also presented a Smart Cities Framework. The framework aims to develop livable cities that are efficiently managed and sustainable in operations through use of digital technologies. The goal is to have 77 developed smart cities by 2023. Pilot smart cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai will serve as testbeds to refine the approach as the government accelerates the implementation process with a goal of at least 30 smart cities between 2019 to 2021.

The 38th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform will be held in Bangkok on 5-6 August 2020.

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The Advisory Board is made up of key IoT stakeholders from the public and private sectors and across the IoT supply chain. The esteemed Advisory Board advises on the content, themes, objectives and speakers for the conference to ensure content presented is highly relevant and cutting-edge, offering guidance into overall program development.

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This year’s Asia IoT Business Platform programs will focus on concrete discussions between IoT solutions providers and end users to address key challenges and pain points in implementing IoT in businesses. Esteemed speakers from across the industry and across different verticals will be providing insights on issues, challenges, and developments in the IoT landscape in Thailand.

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Asia IoT Business Platform is a dynamic business program that helps you to understand more about the enterprise IoT market in Thailand as well as the needs and challenges of your prospective clients and partners. Leverage the program to establish important connections for your business development in Thailand.

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The 31st edition of Asia IoT Business Platform in Thailand will bring over 500 senior stakeholders from government, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, healthcare, finance, and other relevant sectors to explore the possibility of adopting IoT solutions for business efficiency.

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