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2015 Thailand Post Conference Report

4th edition of Asia IoT Business Platform: Thailand

28 – 29 May 2015

Amari Watergate, Bangkok



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“I think these events are extremely amazing; sharing information, sharing knowledge, sharing networks. And I think its great value for me as a technology provider to actually listen to local issues; listen to what’s real in these countries. Of course it’s good to see countries that are deploying these solutions, but we don’t understand the problems that are trying to be solved. We also don’t understand the local infrastructure well. So I think these events provide a 2-­way communication based on what the local needs are, and to the local companies, what the technology can provide. Hopefully it will enable adoption of IoT far sooner. “
– Tracy Hopkins, SVP Low Power Radio Networks (IoT), Stream Technologies


“It is certainly worth the flight coming over here. It’s a really good conference where there are lots of excitement and entrepreneurship in the air and we can just see the presentations done over here, as well as the opportunities IoT is providing. It’s really worth the trip.”
– Alan Brumley, Global OEM CTO, Dell


“Definitely the customers and potential partners, as well as the knowledge gained from different perspectives on different business solutions. It helps us as one of the subsidiary parts of the IoT ecosystem and M2M Technology Company to extend or expand on the idea of getting into the global market.”
– Kasiti Nilrat, Business Development & Sales Manager (International Section), DTC Enterprise


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