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Takeaways from AIBP Insights Retail & Real Estate: Harnessing Digital for Sustainable and Mixed-use Spaces

For the real estate industry today, spaces now have to adapt to changing needs and emerging priorities. In addition to retail spaces, office, recreational and other commercial spaces must adapt to the new normal. The adoption of technology like sensors, AI and machine learning and digital twins have been accelerated to create an agile, safe, and connected environment. How are ASEAN’s real estate and sustainability stakeholders addressing these shifts in the industry?

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Industry Overview

As ASEAN’s rate of urbanisation increases, mixed-use developments are becoming increasingly common to maximise space utilisation. More importantly, there has been an increasing focus on sustainable developments, which includes the adoption of new technologies to create and manage real estate developments which are smarter, safer and more connected. The emergence of 5G has also opened up possibilities of smart buildings and facilities to maximise the livability of the environment.

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