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AIBP Focus: The Tech Edge for ESG


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Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), ASEAN enterprises have highlighted the importance of assessing the impact of digital initiatives on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) goals and priorities. Possible indicators of ROI for technology investments have also come to include ESG goals including employee experience, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

We seek to explore the potential of technology and digitalisation to reconcile the perceived divergence and trade-offs between firm performance and ESG outcomes among ASEAN enterprises:
• Repackaging the Value of ESG for Investor Relations
• Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency: Agency in ESG
• The Tech Edge for Firm Performance: ROI of Prioritising ESG

*AIBP Focus is a series of discussions held online which brings together a focus group of ASEAN stakeholders to discuss topics related to enterprise technology adoption in the region.

You are invited to attend the following session held on Zoom which will take place on 4 August, 1000 – 1130 (GMT+8). To be officially registered, please fill in your information:

AIBP Focus - The Tech Edge for ESG

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