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AIBP Insights: A Regional Telco Discussion on Enterprise 5G Applications

It does seem that the telcos in the region are fairly optimistic with the rollout of 5G infrastructure, but some of the points raised by the panel are very relevant and remains to be answered:

1. How will the telcos, and their partner ecosystem, be able to build solutions around 5G infrastructure which will enable it to be used to drive Industry 4.0 in the ASEAN markets? From a telco perspective, how do they recoup capex investments of building out 5G infrastructure? 

2. How willing are enterprises to adopt and spend on these applications?

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Industry Overview

Telecommunications and connectivity form the basis of creating more connected and livable societies, including increasing access to education, employment, entrepreneurship opportunities as well as to public services. As ASEAN countries race towards wider 5G adoption in the region, addressing the fragmentation of connectivity services will be a huge step forward in societal and economic growth.

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